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Insight Training and Competence (TC) System

Insight Training and Competence (TC)

Insight TC is a web-based technology solution that supports adviser risk and supervision management and all aspects of managing staff within an FS organisation – staff records, training, competency assessment and development. Insight TC is made up of modules/components designed for companies to ‘build’ a T&C solution to suit individual business requirements, needs and budget. Modules can be implemented individually or configured to work as standalone or linked to form a complete T&C automated system.

Training and Competence is necessary in the financial service industry to ensure the workforce is appropriately qualified and regulated. All Individuals must have appropriate qualifications, be assessed as competent by their firm and maintain their competence through training and monitoring of their conduct. These qualifications are granted by an accredited body – and each Individual has the responsibility to carry out a specific level of annual Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in order to achieve an annual Statement of Professional Standing. The Senior Managers Regime holds all Individuals at all levels responsible for achieving appropriate standards of conduct to ensures that senior managers are held accountable for any misconduct that falls within their responsibility.

The FCA defines the Training and Competence regime as a high-level competence requirement (the ‘competent employees rule’) that applies to individuals engaged in the regulated activity in all UK authorised firms (including wholesale firms). At Redland, our Insight Training and Competence system provides a robust recording system that will assist you in fulfilling the necessary requirements as you move away from the traditional paper system.

Insight Training and Competence is more than just a replacement for a previous paper system - it is a web-based electronic system that provides you with full support for all your adviser risk, supervision management and all aspects of managing staff within a financial services organisation. Successful management of staff within a company depends upon a variety of factors, including staff records, training, competency, assessment and development. Our CPD Portal module provides a framework for evidencing continuous professional development which is managed by the Individuals themselves.

With the Redland Insight Training and Competence system you can pick and choose which modules are best suited for your business needs. It is not simply an off the shelf package, but rather a number of components that can be fitted together to build you the best Training and Competence system to support your staff and help your company to prosper. Due to the ability of the Insight Training and Competence system the modules can be implemented to work individually, or configured to operate as a standalone module.

Insight SM&CR is the only system that has been specifically built to meet the rigorous needs of SMR, Certification and SIMR – giving you complete confidence that your regulatory obligations are comprehensively met with accuracy and efficiency, providing maximum protection at a low cost. You can rest assured that with an Insight system that you are fulfilling your obligations as well as optimising the potential of your employees.

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