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Insight Sickness Absence Management

Sickness and Absence Management


Sickness Absence Manager (SAM) from Redland Business Solutions is designed to enable large enterprises to effectively manage sickness and absence within their organisation.

Absence can cost organisations £Ms a year in direct salary costs alone. Taking into account the back fill costs, costs of delays to projects and the impact on clients, the toll can be astronomic.

Most organisations have well defined absence processes. However, ensuring they are effective, getting good Management Information and ensuring that policies are followed consistently is such an onerous task many organisations simply fail.

That is where SAM comes in. SAM provides all of the functionality needed to effectively manage absence across the whole enterprise.

SAM supports employees reporting absence directly to it or via a same day response call centre provided by the enterprise or a third party.

It ensures that processes are implemented consistently in a cost effective and reliable way helping to drive up productivity and reducing costs.

SAM provides all of the functionality needed to effectively manage absence across the whole enterprise.

The Symptoms

With a little honest research many large organisations would admit that:

  • They are unclear about who is absent, because they do not have a universal method of recording absence.
  • They have little idea of the cost of absence, because they do not have accurate MI.
  • Their insurance premiums are high, because claim periods are missed.
  • They are not able to effectively deploy Occupational Health capability, because they cannot provide early and consistent notification.
  • They have insufficient MI so cannot understand the trends or comparisons with Bradford Factor or other benchmarks.
  • Absence records are incomplete for many staff making implementation of policies impossible.

The Cure

SAM is able to resolve all of these issues by providing:

  • An easy to use tool that is used by all managers across the enterprise.
  • A universal method of recording and managing absence. So you know who is absent, and when.
  • Essential MI, there by establishing the costs of absence.
  • Bradford Factor calculations for each individual and across the enterprise supporting trend and comparison data.

All contributing to helping to reduce absence by good management, saving money, increasing productivity and secure lower insurance premiums.

Key Features:

  • SAM provides easy to use task driven functionality configured to meet the exact policies and processes defined by your business.
  • Automated process flows and email reminders to relevant managers to ensure that the right people are doing the right things for each case and are following a consistent process. This includes driving the IP claim process to ensure claim periods are not missed.
  • Client are able to amend and update these processes themselves as they evolve.
  • Integrates with Hierarchy and HR systems.
  • Numerous MI Reports driven by role and organisational hierarchy.
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