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Insight Recruitment Solution

Insight Recruitment

Effective recruitment processes can reduce both costs and compliance risk. Managing the recruitment process of both individuals and firms, can be expensive and time consuming. Recruiting the right partners, in accordance with regulatory and company policy, is key to growing your business in a safe and compliant fashion.

Ensuring that all aspects of a new recruit’s attributes and history are considered and approved, is key not only to making sure that the regulator is satisfied but to pro-actively managing the risk to the organisation. This process can involve many different stages, processes and participants, both within the organisation and without. Managing all of these separate strands can be problematic without a central system and administrative support.

Insight Recruitment provides systemised support for this administrative process, ensuring that policy is followed in process and that records are kept to demonstrate compliance. Insight is configured, via workflow, to represent the recruitment process and ensures that all steps are followed and each participant is fully aware of their responsibilities. Each recruitment case is monitored to ensure all steps are completed in the right order and in a timely fashion, ensuring new recruits are brought on board swiftly and with surety.

Insight Recruitment Supports:

  • Application
    the complete process from application form to all reference checks
  • Selection process and criteria
    supports the decision making process and any pre-appointment criteria
  • Compliance and Commercials
    from business approval through to employment references
  • Induction and Appointment
    management from induction through to appointment notified
  • Confirmation
    completed induction to confirmation of contract
  • Integration with TC Systems
    where Insight TC is used, new staff will immediately start the induction process
  • Management Information
    dashboard information, highlighting trends, alerts of issues etc.
Our clients include
Our partners include
Redland Business Solutions Limited, No.2 Greenbox, Westonhall Road, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, Worcs, B60 4AL