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Insight Complaints Management

Insight Complaints Management

Insight allows all the complaints to be quickly and easily logged, including the nature of the complaint, the contact details, business area, status of the complaint, method of receipt and the complaint handler. The complaint is then tracked through the system, creating a log of all actions that take place. Documents and notes can be linked to the complaint as it progresses, giving a full audit trail of how the complaint was handled, including outcome and justification.

Tasks can be generated in the system, producing reminders as and when certain activities are completed. Complaints are also tracked against dates in order to ensure that regulatory standards and service level agreements are met.

Complaint letters can be automatically produced based on templates set up by the organisation for correspondence with clients, providers and other third parties - saving time and ensuring consistency of approach.

Once resolved, the complaint and details of the resolution are held as an ongoing reference point.

Insight can generate management information on the complaints data to produce operational reporting to identify root cause of complaints, risks, trends and issues. FCA reporting is also supported by the system.

Managed properly, complaints and complainants can be a great learning opportunity: they can enhance reputation and create referrals.
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