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Paperless Training & Competence Systems

Replacing paper Training and Competence (TC) systems

Traditionally many records in business have been kept in a paper format, but as we move into the paperless age, it is important to look at replacing paper in a coherent and effective manner. When you use Redland's Insight Solutions for replacing paper in your Training and Competence System you can rest assured that your business will not be burdened by the changeover, but rather gain from it.

The original paper records for your Training and Competence System have had their own limitations. Paper records can only be viewed in the physical location where they are housed. They require a large amount of space to be stored safely. If people wish to view the files they would either have to travel to the files, arrange for the files to be sent to them, or ask someone else to view the files and report back to them. While the first two cause inconvenience and expense, the third option can cause hierarchical access problems.

Replacing paper with Redland's Insight Training and Competence System is an excellent step towards resolving some of the problems caused by paper systems. The electronic system means that the files are stored in a format that is safe secure and auditable.

When you begin replacing paper with an electronic system, one of the main areas of concern is that it is hard to restrict who views the files. With our Insight Training and Competence System you can set the access rights at all levels.

Insight uses two hierarchies, business and supervision. The two systems run simultaneously and provide access only to those who are allowed. This means that in a bank, for example, the branch manager can see everyone’s files in his branch. This covers the business aspect of the hierarchy, allowing the branch manager to check and follow the progress of all those under him.

The supervision hierarchy is designed to allow the Training and Competence supervisor access to the appropriate records. The Training and Competence supervisor is often located at the head office, and needs to be able to check records for all the branches. With the Insight Training and Competence System it is possible for both the business access and the supervisor access to work at the same time. This means that the branch manager and the Training and Competence supervisor can look at the same person’s records, at the same time, from different locations.

At Redland we pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients. We always act with integrity and keep our clients' best interests at the forefront of our work. We approach every project with openness and honesty – with Redland there are no surprises. It is easy to see why so many of our clients view us not as a third party, but as a vital member of their team. To see how Redland can help you in replacing paper with our Insight Training and Competence System, please contact us today. Please call 01527 871938 or send an email to sales@redland-solutions.co.uk

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